'Real Housewife' Lisa Vanderpump Is Turning Into a Real Mean Girl

lisa vanderpumpLisa Vanderpump is a fan favorite on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it sounds like she's becoming quite the mean girl. The ladies are in the midst of filming season 4 now and things are off to a rocky start. Lisa and Brandi Glanville allegedly confronted Kyle Richards, on camera, about her cheating husband (a claim Lisa vehemently denies, by the way), and now there's a rumor circulating that Lisa's trying to get Kyle (and Kim!) kicked off the show.


A source told Radar Online, the Housewives' favorite spot to talk shit about one another, that Lisa is angling to be the only original Beverly Hills Housewife left on the show -- she got Adrienne Maloof to leave last season, and now she has her sights on Kyle and Kim. They continued:

Lisa did the same thing to Adrienne Maloof last season. She gets Brandi to do all of her dirty work. Lisa is a master manipulator, and now that she is no longer BFFs with Kyle, she has no use for her, and wants her gone.

Slam! Lisa's on the hunt for blood.

Could our favorite Housewife become the most hated next season? It's hard to believe that Lisa had it out for Adrienne and is now after Kyle and Kim, but I suppose stranger things have happen.

I mean, we all loved Bethenny Frankel at the beginning, and then ... well, now, not so much. The mighty have fallen before, and it could be Lisa's turn to go from hero to zero in just a few episodes.

Kyle and Kim better watch out ... the Briton is coming.

Do you think Lisa has it out for Kyle and Kim?


Photo via bravotv.com

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