Kris & Bruce Jenner May Have 'Separated' - at Least for Now

kris and bruceOh dear! More bad news for the Kardashian clan. According to Hollywood Hiccups, Bruce Jenner has moved out of the house he shares with wife Kris. Skeptical? Us too. Still, we can see how the former Olympian would be driven to leave. Life in that house must be crazy. And if the site is to be believed, Kris may have pushed the poor guy out the door.


During a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the notorious momager suggested he move to the garage because he needed more space. Hmm. You have to wonder what that means. They have a pretty big house. Their bedroom is three times bigger than most New York City apartments. More likely, he needs space from her and the rest of the nutty Kardashian clan. There have been rumors of trouble for awhile now.  I can't imagine he was happy about Kris thinking about changing her name back to Kardashian for"the brand" a couple years back. Some headlines even alleged that Bruce was ready to file for divorce.

It would be sad for Kylie and Kendall to see their parents split, but would fans really care? More often than not, Bruce comes off as a stand-in for a scene rather than a genuine part of what's going on in the family. And the nagging. Ugh. It's obvious he gets on Kris' nerves. If he did leave, it probably wouldn't even make a ripple in the script day to day.

However, I would bet this is all one big publicity stunt. You know, fodder for the every-present Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameras. This family certainly is not above using their own love lives to generate drama for the fans.

Do you think Kris and Bruce are splitting up?

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