Kanye West's Move Out of His Apartment Speaks Volumes About How He Feels About Kim Kardashian

kanye west apartment

Bye, bye bachelor life! Kanye West moved out of his NYC apartment, and now he has no place to call home in the Big Apple. Yep, moving vans were outside of the SoHo building yesterday, so it looks like he'll have to resort to staying in a hotel like a regular celebrity when he's visiting the east coast. (Sounds rough.)

The pad is listed at $4.5 million, although it's not technically on the market yet. A few high-end brokers have seen it, however, and supposedly it's really modern -- and it definitely doesn't sound baby-friendly at all. (You know, it's decorated with statues and such.)

Hmm. Somehow I'm guessing that's why he chose to go ahead and unload it. 


It's simply not fit for a growing family, which must mean (wait for it) -- Kanye is very serious about settling down with Kim Kardashian and being a good husband and father to their baby girl.

Think about it for a second -- why in the world would he give up his man cave in the city if he didn't plan on moving on to the next phase of his life? If he wasn't 100 percent serious about becoming a family man, he probably would've thought about keeping the apartment as a place to escape to when things got a bit too hectic at home in L.A.

I know there's been quite a bit of speculation lately over the status of Kim and Kanye's relationship because they haven't been spending a ton of time together, but hey -- give the guy a break. Maybe he just has a bunch of loose ends to tie up, like unloading real estate, for instance, and he wants to get it taken care of before his child arrives in July. (Makes sense, right?)

And it must be such a huge relief to Kim that Kanye is letting go of any ties he has to his bachelor days. What mom-to-be would be cool with her man keeping a residence in another city if it weren't a place she could bring the baby? (Certainly not a Kardashian.)

Do you think Kanye selling his NYC pad means he's serious about being a dad?


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