Angelina Jolie Misses Her Aunt's Funeral to Go To Brad's Premiere (VIDEO)

Angelina JolieThe interwebs are abuzz with the Angelina Jolie dish that in order to attend Brad Pitt's movie premiere (and make Jolie's first public first appearance since revealing her double mastectomy), the actress and mother of six -- gasp! -- missed her aunt's funeral. To this I say: Yes, and?!

But, the snarkers say, this wasn't just any old dead aunt!


Indeed: this aunt, Debbie Martin, died of breast cancer. Martin was Jolie's mother's sister -- terribly sad, as, of course, Jolie lost her mom Marcheline Bertrand to ovarian cancer, and both cancers are what the actress is trying to head off with her choice to undergo not only a double mastectomy, but to have her ovaries removed as well. Sad, yes. But does added info mean anyone has any right to judge Jolie for not attending the funeral?!

Apparently, many people seem to think so: "Uh, Angelina Jolie Skipped Her Aunt's Funeral For Brad Pitt's Premiere" tsks Jezebel's headline, while many other outlets had versions of the same. And don't even get me started on the commenters on those articles: while many were kind, many were not, sniping about how this shows what kind of person Jolie really is.

Outrageous. Why on earth do people thing it's their business whether Angelina Jolie attends a funeral?! Funerals are for the living, and it's absolutely no one's concern how somebody else deals with grief or loss. Jolie made a choice to be at her husband's side for an important day, to celebrate with him along with two of their children. As a family, they've gone through a lot in the last few months; as a mom and a wife, Jolie has had to come face to face with the idea that she (like all of us) won't be on this earth, with the people she loves, forever. How she deals with the death of her aunt is nobody's business but her own.

Watch this woman talking about her experience, and Brad's sweet words as well:

I think it's pretty obvious what kind of a person Angelina Jolie is. 

Do you think it's shocking she missed the funeral?

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