Robert Pattinson 'Found Comfort' in Relationship With Katy Perry Because She's Nothing Like Kristen Stewart

robert pattinsonThere have been rumors lately. Lots of rumors. Rumors that claim that, since he and Kristen Stewart broke up, Robert Pattinson has taken to yet another raven-haired celebrity: Katy Perry. But they're not true. At least they're sounding more and more like they're not true. Word is, Robert Pattinson simply "found comfort in Katy Perry" after he and KStew called it quits.

Nothing wrong with that, is there?

Actually, no wait, there totally is.


Despite Katy and Rob's relationship reportedly being strictly platonic, a source has said that Rob thinks "Katy's fun to be with, not moody like Kristen." Ouch.

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Now, we all love Rob and Kristen together. They're our real-life Edward and Bella. But if Rob is realizing other ladies are fun to hang out with, and they make Kristen look like Pouty Pants McGee in comparison, these two really don't have a shot. Why would he want to go back to someone who was in a bad mood all the time? That doesn't sound like fun. That sounds like work. 

I really don't think anything is going on with Rob and Katy -- and if it is, I kind of doubt it'll last. But if she's highlighting all the annoying things about Kristen, girlfriend ought to worry.

What do you think of this?


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