Kris Jenner's Talk Show Sneak Peek Makes It Looks Much Worse Than We Ever Imagined (VIDEO)

kris jennerDespite our collective prayer sessions, Kris Jenner is moving forward with her talk show. The momager's relentless pursuit of fame and fortune has culminated in this series in which she'll sit on a couch on a stage and interview "celebs" about their very important and oh so influential lives. The only catch is the celebs will all be related to Kris. In one of the first promos for Kris with a heart over the "i", Mrs. Jenner explains the inspiration for her show, and what it will be like for viewers.

Hold on to your butts ...


Kris introduces herself and explains she's a mom of a very active family. She says her favorite thing in life is hanging out with her kids and having great conversations, which in turn inspired her to get her own talk show.

You see, having convos with your kids means you're qualified to have your own show!

But if her talks with her children were the catalyst for this project, doesn't that imply that her guests will all be related to her in some way or another? And if that's the case, how, exactly, is this different from Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

She's the worst.

Watch the Kris promo if you dare:

Are you going to check out her talk show?


Photo via Kris Jenner Show/YouTube

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