Robert Pattinson's Latest Move Is All He Needs to Get Over Kristen Stewart for Good

Robert PattinsonWell, I guess he won't have to worry about having any awkward run-ins with Kristen Stewart for the next couple of months or so. Apparently Robert Pattinson is moving to Toronto for the summer, where he'll be filming Maps to the Stars, a new flick that will also star John Cusack and Julianne Moore.

Wow. Shocker. RPattz skipping town to get as far away from KStew as possible? That seems to be his signature move these days. And yes, I know they were technically still together when he went to Australia to film The Rover, but it was highly obvious that getting some much needed space from his relationship was part of the reason he was so content hanging out Down Under.


And honestly, staying far away from Hollywood in the wake of the split is probably the best thing Rob can do to distance himself and move on with his life. Remaining in L.A. for the summer would basically be like living in a fish bowl with people following his every move.

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If he danced with a random girl at a club -- the entire world would know about it the next morning. Or if he and Kristen happened to turn up at the same party, people would automatically speculate about them getting back together -- to the point where they'd probably conceive a baby before the night was even over. Or even if he was captured on film hanging out alone smoking a cigarette -- the tabloids would have a field day talking about how lonely he is without Kristen, blah, blah, blah.

The best thing Rob can do right now is head to a place where he can live semi-normally at least for a couple of months or so, which will allow him the time he needs to get over Kristen and move on with his life as a single dude.

And maybe by the time he's done and decides to come back to La-La-Land, he'll either have a new girl on his arm or Kristen will be shacking up with some other guy and then no one will remember that Robsten ever existed. (Well, that's a bit on the extreme side, but maybe people will at least leave the two of them alone.)

Do you think Rob leaving town for the summer is a good plan?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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