Melissa Gorga Reveals Why Teresa Guidice Will Always Be Her Enemy (VIDEO)

melissa gorgaPeace in the Middle East is more likely than Real Housewife Melissa Gorga and sister-in-law Teresa Guidice brokering a lasting truce. Despite sporadic reports that the warring wives manage to get along better in season 5 (which debuted this week), Melissa makes it clear that things are still very, very tense with Teresa during a dishy sit-down with Us Weekly. This video is proof the mud is still slinging!


Melissa admits that despite what the rift is doing to their family, it's not possible for them to completely move past it at this point. That became clear to her as she watched the show's premiere and witnessed her in-laws calling her names in front of their children. "I was fed up with trying. I was fed up of being set up," she confesses. You can see the frustration oozing from her face. Take a look:

Who can blame her? Remember Strippergate? That was when Teresa tried to prove that Melissa had once been a stripper. The whole escapade failed, but the memory is still very much there. Teresa's children even talk about auntie Melissa being a stripper, which is so out of line. Why would Melissa want her children to hear their cousins say nasty things about her. 

Co-star Kathy Wakile was along for the interview and tried to offer a lighthearted perspective, saying they still find moments of laughter and levity in the midst of the drama. But PUHLEEESE! That in no way makes up for the hell that Teresa clearly puts them all through. They should all just move away from her. My vote is for a relocation to the Midwest. It's about time for a Real Housewives of Detroit, don't you think?

Do you think the feud between Melissa and Teresa will ever end? Whose side are you on?

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