Suddenly Farrah Abraham Is Pleading Guilty to DUI?

Farrah Abraham drinkingDo you want the good news or the bad news first? The good? OK, well, Farrah Abraham will likely not be joining some of her equally scandalous co-stars in jail. The Teen Mom has reportedly managed to work out a deal with prosecutors back home in Nebraska that will involve pleading guilty to DUI in exchange for no prison time.

Good for Farrah for getting off the Amber Portwood train before prison station!

Which leads us to the bad news. Of course.


If a judge approves the deal, Farrah's only punishments will be a suspended license and a $500 fine. To a girl who just got a cool $1 million for her porn flick, the latter is peanuts. The former? Well, what's a suspended license to a girl who's been spending most of her time on airplanes lately anyway?

OK, so maybe the license suspension will chafe a little. But isn't the idea to punish someone enough that they're scared to commit a crime again? Is this enough?

Because -- sadly -- Farrah doesn't seem scared. If anything, the notably self-impressed star has used her DUI stop as more ammunition for the smoke-blowing cannon directed at her backside. 

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Ever since cops say they stopped Farrah with a .147 alcohol level back in March, she's been increasingly blase about what went on that night. She's insisted she wasn't "really" driving -- because turning a corner to go park your car is the most fake kind of driving there is (wink, wink). And there was her whole show of drinking with her parents just a few days later.

This girl has BRAGGED about her drinking, made sex jokes about having to blow into her ignition, and scoffed at the idea that she's put people in danger. But she's getting off with a $500 fine and the minor inconvenience of a suspended license?

Come on, that's not enough! She needs to be scared straight.

Throw her in jail for a weekend at least!

But then, knowing Farrah, she'd just use prison time to find fodder for her next "leaked" sex tape.


What do you think of the punishment here? Enough to fit the crime?

Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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