Ian Somerhalder’s Latest Move Is One More Step Toward Playing Christian Grey

ian somerhalderYou guyssss. Ian Somerhalder has started filming a new movie! The newly single Vampire Diaries actor is taking advantage of his time off from the small screen and has landed a part in a buzz-worthy motion picture. Ian's had some minor silver screen roles before (most memorably The Rules of Attraction in 2002), but he's not exactly a seasoned expert and could certainly stand some more movie-set experience. Even though this new movie The Anomaly is not the Fifty Shades of Grey movie you might have been hoping for, it's definitely a step in the right direction.


Because if Ian's going to pull off being a leading man, he needs to cut his teeth as a second-leading man, if not a first. The Anomaly is an action thriller that co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Brian Cox ... no word yet on who's playing the main character, an ex-soldier who has to navigate a global terrorist nightmare with a kidnapped boy, but Fifty Shades fans should hope Ian's landed the big part.

Not only does it not conflict with the filming of Fifty Shades (which doesn't even have a final script yet), but the more practice Ian has, the better prepared he'll be to carry a giant movie like the epic sex trilogy based on the novel by E.L. James.

Plus, the more work Ian has now, the sooner he'll get over ex Nina Dobrev, and the sooner he'll be more emotionally available to believably seduce as Christian Grey.

Ian might have been psyched to have landed a part in The Anomaly, but real fans know that his biggest, best, and sexiest role is yet to come.

We hope so, anyway.

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Photo via vagueonthehow/Flickr

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