Kim Kardashian’s Stepfather Says Kanye West Is ‘Never Around’ -- but Isn’t He Forgetting Something?

Kim KardashianDoes Bruce Jenner have "face blindness" -- and did he catch it from Brad Pitt? Or maybe Kanye West, despite his temper and habit of interrupting other people's speeches, is supremely unmemorable? How else to explain the fact that Bruce swears he has only met his presumed future son-in-law once -- when there's photographic evidence that he has in fact met him several times?


The confusion started when Bruce told Extra that he'd only met Kim's baby daddy once, saying:

He's never ... he's not around. He was in Paris the whole time writing, and he just hasn't been around.

His son Brody, who will be joining the cast of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, concurred, saying:

I’ve never met him. But Kim says great things about him.

All of which bodes rather strangely for Kim, doesn't it? She's about to pop out that baby any minute now and her child's father is so seldom around that the family Kim spends practically every minute with hasn't met him?

That said ... it appears that Bruce may be losing his marbles. TMZ dug up photos of Bruce at the same events with Kanye four separate times -- including a Kardashian Christmas party and Kourtney's baby shower.

In Bruce's defense, Yeezy seems like the kind of guy who skulks in the corner and doesn't say much during family gatherings -- he probably saves all those rants for the stage. (Thank goodness or family events would be rather awkward.)

Apparently Kim isn't too happy that Bruce is saying he's only met Kanye once when in point of fact he's met him way more than that -- but I guess that's what Kim gets for being in a relationship with Kanye "Wallflower" West.

Are there any members of your family who just leave your mind the second you meet them?


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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