Kristen Stewart Goes to Wedding Alone After Robert Pattinson Split So Clearly She's Over Him

Kristen StewartYeah, so typically right after a breakup, the last thing you want to do is surround yourself with people who are all happy and in love and all sorts of nauseatingly blissful. (Barf.)

And that's why odds are good that it had to suck for Kristen Stewart to attend a wedding alone in the wake of her split from Robert Pattinson. This past Saturday, her co-star from Catch That Kid, Max Thieriot, married Lexi Murphy, and Kristen went to the little shin-dig all by her lonesome self. (Aww. That's so sad. But not really.)


Supposedly she "kept her head down" and "mingled with other guests," which sounds like classic KStew behavior. You know, be cool -- but not too cool.

OMG. Can you even begin to imagine what kind of thoughts must have been going through her head while she sat there watching two people promise to love each other for the rest of their lives? (Barf again.)

Ugh. Weddings. They're the worst.

She must have wanted to either a.) high-tail it out of there in the middle of the ceremony and go have a good cry in a corner somewhere, or b.) find a time machine to go back to the day she played tonsil hockey with Rupert Sanders and double check to be sure there were no photographers lurking around.

Either that, or she really didn't care at all and she's already over Rob, which is why she had no qualms about attending a wedding and setting herself up for being reminded of her recent breakup multiple times over the course of one day. (Whew.)

Huh. Now that I think about it a little more, she must really be ready to move on with her life after losing Rob. If she was really upset about it, there's no way she would've been able to make it through that wedding without getting emotional. (What semi-normal human being would?)

But what will happen if Rob turns up at a wedding sometime soon? Will he be able to handle it? Oh yeah, you're right. He'll have every single bridesmaid and female guest throwing themselves at him, so odds are good it won't take too long for him to forget Kristen exists altogether.

Do you think Kristen was brave to attend a wedding so soon after a breakup?


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