Katie Couric's Date with Jeff Probst Shows Stars Are Just Like Us

Did you know that when celebrities aren't being feted or fawned over or photographed they're apparerently going on bad dates just like the rest of us? At least the single ones are. At least Katie Couric and Jeff Probst are. Or were. The date happened several years ago and the pair were set up by a mutual friend. Ugh, those set ups! Well, you can see how a friend would think Jeff and Katie would get along, and apparently they did, but you know, not that well. One of those meh dates. Katie thought it was weird that Jeff was wearing puka shells (seriously, Jeff?). And Jeff has the lamest excuse ever for not calling Katie back.


The two seemed to get off to a good start. Jeff said he was "nervous" (I hope that doesn't mean he drank like a sailor on the date to calm his jitters) and they had plenty to talk about. Says Jeff:

What I remember most about the date is how nervous I was and how little I offered to the conversation. It was like I forgot how to go on a date. Like I was 14. We talked a bit about her kids and the challenges of being a parent to teenagers, and we talked a bit about our careers and lifestyles.

Oh yikes, this sounds like a one-way trip to the friendzone already. Ladies, don't talk about all your challenge with teenagers on the first date! As Jeff put it:

We didn't get much beyond the surface.

Hmmm. That sounds like code for "no clothes came off." Jeff claims he would have asked Katie out on a second date and that it wasn't for lack of interest but that he didn't have Katie's number -- only her assistant's number -- and it seemed strange to call her assistant for a second date.

Okay, Jeff, that's what opening your piehole and asking for a girl's number is all about! Not to mention that calling her assistant the first time was good enough for ya!

Just say the truth, Jeff. You just weren't that into Katie. When a guy likes you, he'll call your assistant. Hell, he'll call your assistant's assistant.

Oh, well, doesn't sound like Katie was that much into him either. She told Howard Stern that she didn't feel like there was any "magic" between them and "wasn't devastated" that he didn't call her for another date.

Stars ... they're just like us!

Have you ever had a guy not call you back when you really wanted him to?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr


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