10 Most Public Female Celebrity Meltdowns

amanda bynesLife in the spotlight's gotta be tough. Under the microscope of fame, every little mistake you make is magnified a zillion times -- and who can be a perfect angel all the time? (Or anytime, but never mind.) Hey, even Reese Witherspoon got caught being a bad, bad girl.

But there's a difference between occasional moments of misbehavior and endless, epic series of OMG, did you hear what she did this time?! The latter is what we like to call a meltdown of the nuclear variety, and these lawbreakin' ladies have had some of the most terrifying -- and occasionally tragic -- public celebrity meltdowns ever.

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  • Lindsay Lohan


    Image via LAPD

    Come on, how could we NOT kick this list off with LiLo?!

  • Amanda Bynes


    Image via NYPD

    Honestly, this one is getting a little bit scary. Is there any hope she might be pulling a super-elaborate Joaquin Phoenix type ruse??

  • Jenelle Evans


    Image via NCPD

    This Teen Mom isn't a teen anymore, but she's still racked up more mugshots than anyone should by her age ... well, by any age. The "mom" part makes it really sad.

  • Courtney Love


    Image via Tom Edwards/Flickr

    The original Riot Grrrrl, Courtney Love definitely had a good excuse for her years-long meltdown. Interestingly enough, the singer recently reached out to Amanda Bynes -- alas, Bynes simply called her ugly.

  • Amy Winehouse


    Image via Karen Blue/Flickr

    Sadly, Winehouse's downward spiral ended in death: The singer passed away at the age of 27 (the same age of death as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain).

  • Britney Spears


    Image via steven.ishiwara/Flickr

    To be fair, Brit seems to have pulled herself together these days. But the memory of bald-headed, baseball bat-wielding Britney will live forever.

  • Anna Nicole Smith


    Image via doggiesrule04/Flickr

    Called "The Next Marilyn Monroe," even the troubled starlet's tragic death at the age of 39 was reminiscent of Norma Jean's passing.


  • Whitney Houston


    Image via Esterio Tecson/Flickr

    The demise of this amazing talent was truly painful to watch. Her death in 2012 wasn't a shock, but it was heartbreaking.

  • Fiona Apple


    Image via Texas Sheriff's Dept.

    Oddly, Fiona Apple didn't earn her mugshot stripes (ha!) during one of her meltdown moments (award show tantrums, etc.) -- she got busted for pot in Texas. Ho-hum.

  • Mindy McCready


    Image via Florida Sheriff's Department

    Poor Mindy. The singer battled her demons for years before finally taking her own life (leaving her two small boys behind).

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