‘DWTS’ Most Wanted: 10 Stars Who Turned Down the Gig (PHOTOS)

Brooke ShieldsBrooke Shields, former jailbait star turned perennial beauty, has clarified the burning question that's apparently been on everyone's mind lately: no, she won't be doing Dancing With the Stars. She recently explained to Extra that a longstanding knee injury would keep her from cha-cha-ing her way across the stage.

Duly noted, but is this a thing now? Celebrities preemptively turning down invitations they haven't actually received? I'm just saying, it seems a little weird to randomly announce that you're not doing a show you weren't asked to do. It's MUCH cooler to loftily -- and oh-so-publicly -- decline Dancing With the Stars once they've come knocking on your door.

Check out these 10 stars who made sure everyone knew they had a chance to tell DWTS "thanks ... but no thanks."

Image via ellasportfolio/Flickr


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