Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Haven’t Been Seen Together Lately – Should We Be Worried?

kim kardashianIs the Kimye union under threat already? Apparently Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven't been seen together for a while. Both have been in LA, both have been followed everywhere by photographers as per the usual, but strangely, they haven't been photographed together. Hollywood Life points out that Kim followed Kanye to Paris earlier only for Kanye to dash off to Milan. Is he avoiding her or something? What's going on?

I know they're both super busy. Kim, especially, probably wants to be as productive as possible during these last couple months of pregnancy because she knows she'll have to slow way down once the baby arrives. Maybe that's what Kanye is thinking, too. And if Kanye had a history of acting like rational grownup, I'd say people are blowing this all out of proportion. But this is Kanye we're talking about.


I mean, that wackadoodle rant Kanye just gave at a concert is just the latest example of how emotionally unstable the guy can be and how he's thoroughly lacking in self awareness. Poor thing. He could be having any number of immature responses to Kim's pregnancy -- like suddenly he is not the center of her world, and he's angry and resentful about it. Or maybe he's starting to feel the pressures of fatherhood and he's starting to doubt if he can handle it. Kim may be having wild pregnancy mood swings he can't tale. Or maybe Kanye's freaked out at what pregnancy has done to Kim's body, like some men get.

I thought it was a brilliant idea for those two to start dating. But make a baby together? I don't know... I see single mom in Kim's future. I think Kim could hack a stable relationship and parenthood. She has the support and example of her family. (Don't laugh -- I'm serious!) But Kanye may not have a clear idea of what's expected of him.

But you know what? This could still just be nothing. Like I said, those two have a lot going on right now. And they may actually be carving out time to meet privately. I sure hope so! Because you can't just disappear during a pregnancy thinking you'll show up after the baby arrives. This is actually the calm before the storm.

OR! Here's an idea. Maybe KIM is avoiding KANYE! Have we even considered that possibility? Maybe she's the one saying, "Ugh, I just cannot with you, Kanye."

Do you think Kanye might be avoiding Kim?


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