Kim Kardashian Accused of Getting Plastic Surgery While Pregnant but Did She Really?

If you believe the latest tabloid Kim Kardashian pregnancy rumor, she hasn't exactly been slowing down on the extreme beauty treatments while she's expecting. In addition to her inexplicable decision to continually stuff her poor swollen feet into a seemingly never-ending selection of ill-fitting heels, word on the street is that Kim's been undergoing a series of cosmetic medical procedures lately, including lip fillers and Botox.

One of those oh-so-reliable "sources" is quoted as saying that Kim will "go to any length to protect the one thing that’s most precious to her: her beauty. But when you take a look at the photographic evidence, I'm thinking the truth isn't quite as dramatic as what's being reported.


The In Touch article that just hit newsstands claims that Kim is taking "drastic measures" to improve her looks, thanks to her alleged insecurity about her sister Khloe's weight loss and the relationship problems she's supposedly having with Kanye West:

She’s still getting injections even though she’s seven months pregnant. She’s becoming more neurotic than ever about her looks.

Kim's vanity has supposedly led her to continue getting Botox procedures along with gel manicures and spray tans, and some are saying that Kardashian's extra-puffy lips -- which she shared a photo of earlier this month, writing "My pregnancy lips are outta control #IGuessNotABadProblemToHave" -- are the result of fillers.

Personally, I hadn't heard of "pregnancy lips" before, but my fellow Stir writer Kiri did the research and discovered that it is, in fact, a Real Thing.

Even with the possibility that her trout pout came naturally, I suspect there's SOME truth to these rumors, which a family insider is denying as “ridiculous” and “not at all true.” I mean, Kim K has all the money in the world to get whatever beauty treatments she wants, and I wouldn't be surprised if she were using a little more than makeup to augment her looks during pregnancy.

Not because she's a terrible person who doesn't care about the health of her baby, but because there are lots of treatments that are generally considered safe. Lip fillers, for example, often use hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that's naturally present in the human body. I don't think there's really a ton of research that implies having your lips plumped will lead to any birth complications.

Really, though, the bottom line is: who cares what Kim Kardashian's doing to her face right now? Personally, I think girlfriend needs to focus on her FEET. Namely, taking off those awkward-looking heels and keeping the flip-flops on until the baby shows up.

What's your call -- do you think Kim Kardashian has been getting plastic surgery during her pregnancy?

Image via In Touch

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