Lisa Vanderpump Hints at a Sex Tape That'll Be Better Than Kim Kardashian's

Lisa VanderpumpThere is no one else in the world quite like Lisa Vanderpump. But really, though, the Real Housewife has got it going on, owns two restaurants, and has a personality that at times is as unpredictable as they come. For example, Vanderpump recently sat down with The Huffington Post and dished that she could totally see herself making a sex tape. Yes, I'm serious.

When asked what the dumbest thing she's ever read about herself was, Vanderpump joked "that I did a sex tape ... there's still time though I might do one." A Lisa Vanderpump SEX TAPE!? She then continued on to joke that she wanted Kim Kardashian's sex tape producer! Oh, that 'Pump.

I'm just gonna throw this out there -- how FUNNY would Lisa's tape be? Like as if she and husband Ken aren't hard enough to understand as it is, can you imagine what would even happen once things get freaky? I foresee something like this:


Lisa: KEN!! You're leaning the wrong way on my bloody thigh, won't you ease up a bit?

Ken: Well if you would tell me which way you like it, then you wouldn't be all bothered that I'm unbalanced.

Lisa: I'm not as flexible as I used to be but I look damn good in this lingerie. Even better since I match Jiggy!

OK, so maybe that's a little cheesy portrayal, but you get the gist here. From what we've seen on TV, Lisa is super honest. I could totally envision her sex tape being the most unconventional sex tape on the planet. As in, her telling it exactly like it is. No posing. No backdoor business (ahem, Farrah Abraham). None of this "let me fake my best orgasm." Just 100 percent British-accented fun.

And THAT is why I'd watch Lisa's over Kim K.'s or Farrah's. Because hello, the entertainment factor is just SO much greater. Who knows if she's joking or not (I have a hunch she is) -- I think it's worth a shot, Vanderpump. Heck, maybe Bravo will catch some of the action and give us a sneak peek.

Would you want to see Lisa Vanderpump do a sex tape?


Image via dvsross/Flickr

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