Taylor Swift's Rumored 'Miley Cyrus Makeover' Is the Last Thing She Needs

Taylor SwiftOMG. This might just be the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard. Apparently Taylor Swift wants to change her image so badly, she's thinking of hacking off all her hair in an effort to look like none other than Miley Cyrus.

I guess Taylor is sick and tired of being perceived as sweet and innocent, so she figures going for an edgier look will help gain her a whole new fan base.

According to a report in Star Magazine, "Swift is in awe of Miley's drastic style and hair change and she's been studying Miley's every move and even called her stylist about chopping her hair."

Seriously? This has to be a joke.


Or at least the part about Taylor wanting to practically shave her head has to be bogus.

Ok, so it's totally understandable that she's "feeling 22" right now (even though she's actually 23), so it kind of makes sense for her to be thinking about overhauling her style a bit. She really does have the whole girl-next-door, slightly retro, "almost trendy but not quite" thing going on -- and it really isn't doing her any favors these days.

But instead of going for a full-on Miley makeover, which will destroy her image altogether, why doesn't she just opt for more of a subtle fix?

Like doing something with her hair, for instance. Whenever I feel like I'm in a beauty rut, a trip to the salon for a cut and/or color always spruces me up and makes me feel better about myself. In Taylor's case, she should really think about going for a sleek, shoulder-length bob since long locks have kind of been her thing. She'd look more sophisticated, but the new 'do wouldn't be too much for her fans to handle.

And she could even think about going a shade or two darker -- she'd look cute as a brunette, right?

Or if going for a new hairdo isn't her thing, Taylor should just fire whatever stylist she's using and find one who will outfit her in duds that are a bit more mainstream and appropriate for her age. (Sure unicorn t-shirts are cute ... for 7-year-olds ... but ...)

And if changing her hair and making some new fashion choices aren't enough, maybe Taylor can start small instead of going for the full-on Miley Cyrus look. I hear that side-boobs are really in right now, so maybe she should try showing a little more skin? (Relax. I'm kidding.)

Do you think Taylor needs a makeover?


Image via Ethan Miller/Getty

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