Kim Kardashian’s ‘Marilyn Monroe Moment’ Is Another Desperate Ploy to Copy Kate Middleton

kim kardashianKim Kardashian's second attempt at maternity wear did not go as well as the first. The reality star stepped out on Wednesday in an empire-waisted black and white dress and had a complete Marilyn Monroe moment on the streets of L.A. One minute we're mesmerized by her frozen in place face, the next we're wondering if we're going to see her baby portal. It was the windy wardrobe malfunction heard round the world.

Wait. Make that the second windy wardrobe malfunction heard round the world.


The first, of course, was Kate Middleton's. Seven months pregnant in a black and white dress, a gust flew up her frock and we almost saw the royal rosebud.

I mean, must Kim copy everything that Kate does? Kate gets pregnant with a royal baby, Kim gets pregnant with a baby she thinks is royal. Kate orders a $8,000 crib, Kim orders a $8,000 crib. Kate wears something, Kim wears nearly the exact same thing

Even before the pregnancy, Kim and Kanye thought it would be a good idea for Kim to copy Kate. They're, like, so obsessed with the Duchess.

Next thing you know, Kim will start talking with a British accent, reminiscing about her days at St. Andrews, and an expensive puppy might mysteriously jump off a balcony.

I'm not saying Kim's single-white-femaling Kate, but you never know.

What do you think?


Photo via Splash News

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