Leah Calvert's Husband Makes More Than Enough Money to Support Her Kids

Leah CalvertLeah Calvert may seem like the teen mom with the most to deal with given she has not one, but THREE kids, two marriages, a mortgage, and a whole lot of other things to juggle. But it also seems that she is one of the teen moms from the show with the most disposable income.

According to some sources, Calvert's husband Jeremy -- a pipeliner -- makes as much as $200,000 a year. That's a lot of dough for a still fairly young guy who didn't go further than high school, right?

This seems way, WAY off, but if it's true (and some sources imply it might be given how long and hard the work is), it brings Leah's money woes from last season under fire. Why was Leah hitting Corey up for so much more child support last season for the twins?


Corey barely has any cash flow and Leah has her Teen Mom money, plus Calvert's money. At the time, she asked Corey: "Do you want their stepdad supporting them?" It makes sense.

But it also doesn't.

Child support doesn't take the salary of a stepparent into consideration, and for all intents and purposes, that makes sense. Except when it doesn't. The reality is, in many states, child support is simply too much. A third of someone's salary for one child? Half for two? That may work in a state where the cost of living is low, but in the states where I have lived, it means the father (or the person paying) ends up with a much lower standard of living than the mother. It's just the reality.

The kids deserve to be supported by their dad, but their dad is a very involved guy who does his best with his visitation. This isn't a man who would deny his girls anything if they needed it. He even said as much. So why legally dig into his pockets?

Leah claims to not care about money and wants to focus on important things. I hope that's true. But last season's discussions don't seem to jive with that line of thinking. Money seems to be on the forefront of her mind.

Do you think Jeremy's salary matters?

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