Don Draper May Be Facing Death Sooner Than We Thought

megan draper tshirt sharon tateAfter months of tiptoeing around, making hapless guesses, and having not much to go on, we've finally reached that point in the sixth season of Mad Men in which we have hardcore evidence on which to draw dramatic, unnerving conclusions about the characters. Well, one in particular. Judging from the end of the last episode, "The Better Half," and several other clues, tongues are clucking that Matthew Weiner may have put Megan Draper on the fast track to a tragic end!

The proof: Costumer Janie Bryant often uses very conscious style choices to signal what's ahead for the characters. And in this week's episode, Megan wore the same exact red star T-shirt that model-actress Sharon Tate wore in a 1967 photo shoot, two years before she was murdered by the Manson family. Was it completely intentional? YES. Bryant even admitted as much on Twitter!


The daughter of the man who took those 1967 photographs asked her if Tate had "inspired Megan's look," and Bryant replied, "no coincidence!" Oh boy. 

Okay, so maybe it was just a subtle nod to the style of the era, a sexy, popular star of the times who an up-and-coming soap opera actress may have seen as a role model of sorts? But there have been other clues throughout the season that seem to hint at a similar tragic fate awaiting Megan ...

She, like Sharon Tate at the time of her death, had been pregnant. She lives in a gorgeous apartment that happens to be located in an increasingly dangerous city and was invaded and robbed by a middle-aged woman just two episodes back. I could also see merit in picking apart even more minute details, like how she feels as though she's been abandoned by Don, leaving her even more vulnerable to some sort of attack.

Then again, there's a chance Weiner is only being figurative with this Megan-Sharon Tate connection. It could just be an emotional death -- divorce? -- we're girding ourselves for. Still, these clues freak me out. And I wouldn't be surprised if Weiner thinks a literal death, hitting so close to home, could be exactly the wake-up call Don needs and deserves. Eeek!

What do you make of the Megan-Sharon connection?


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