Alexander Skarsgard Takes His Agoraphobic Niece to Movie Premiere -- Whoops, That's Ellen Page!

ellen page alexander skarsgard

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this shot of Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page at the premiere of The East is worth ... whatever, I suck at math. The point is, I mean, come on! Could they BE any more awkward of a couple?? Alexander Skarsgard looks like he's taking his agoraphobic niece to the prom. I'm frightened, Uncle Alexander! I can't go in there! Seriously. I get that red carpet events can be nerve-wracking, but Page is literally clinging to Askars for dear life. (Although, to be fair, who wouldn't?! It's not like I'd let go of Alexander God Among Men Skarsgard if I ever got ahold of him.)

Still. There's just something creepy about the whole thing. Is this a celeb couple in love, or a super hot Swedish dude with the human equivalent of one of those clip-on koalas stuck to his lapel??


There's only one explanation for Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page actually being a couple, which is that ... uh ... yeah. I got nothin' here, people. I can't tell you what goes on in ASkars and/or Ellen Page's heads.

But I can guess! For example, here are a few things they might be thinking in this pic ...

ASkars: This little girl is stepping on my foot.

Ellen Page: I should've worn taller heels.

ASkars: This little girl really needs to get her foot off of my foot.

Ellen Page: People are scary.

ASkars: I am smiling through the pain. My FOOT!!!

Ellen Page: Why are they all looking at me?!

What do you think Alexander Skarsgard & Ellen Page are thinking in this picture?

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