Kim Kardashian Finally Wears a Maternity Dress & She Looks Stunning (PHOTO)

kim kardashianTime of death: May 29, afternoonish. Kim Kardashian has officially laid her non-pregnancy clothes peacefully to rest and finally -- finally -- decided to opt for a maternity dress and flats. And guess what? She looks adorable! And comfortable! And not like she's a nanosecond away from toppling over or busting out of something! Good going, Kim. Every pregnant woman should be so lucky to look like this.


Since she announced she was with-child, Kim has been fighting tooth and nail (or so it seems) to hang on to her precious pre-pregnancy clothes. And although I'm not sure anything could make Kim look bad, the woman has just looked uncomfy at times and, well, kind of awkward. Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful, beautiful thing -- and women, of course, have the right to dress however they want -- but let's get real here: There's a point in pregnancy in which you just want to be in loose-fitting clothes and comfy shoes.

If Kim was holding on to her non-maternity clothes out of fear of becoming unstylish or "letting herself go" during her pregnancy, this here outfit is proof that it's 100 percent possible to be both incredibly chic and comfortable while you're baking a little babe. Gorgeous!

What do you think of Kim's outfit?

Image via Splash

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