Topless Ian Somerhalder Pic May Be His Best Play for Christian Grey Yet (PHOTO)

ian somerhalder throwback thursday toplessIan Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev may be officially dunzo, but that hasn't stopped the actor from reliving old times. Verrrry old times. For Throwback Thursday on Twitter last week, Ian tweeted this topless selfie with the caption: "#throwbackthursdays Young Damon Salvatore on set selfie in bed with Katherine Pierce. Circa 1864" Although you can't see her in the shot, we can only assume the pic must have been taken alongside Nina, who plays Katherine on Vampire Diaries. Of all selfies, why would he have chosen that one?! 

As some have speculated, it could be that he was feeling sentimental about Nina. OR it could be that he's -- once again -- making a subtle (or not so?) play for the role of Christian Grey.


It seems like every time there's a lull in the buzz about the film, or who will score that coveted part -- especially the idea that Ian could be a top contender for the coveted part -- he pulls a little publicity stunt like this to remind us all that he's the ideal candidate! He might as well have tweeted, "Look, I have no problem taking my shirt off for cameras! I've got plenty of experience doing scenes in bed! And I've starred opposite a sexy, stunning leading lady!" We might as well consider this just another "head shot" he's submitted to Fifty Shades producers. Hah!

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Not that there's anything wrong with any of the above, if that really is Ian's ulterior motive. Fans fully back his campaign, and it sounds like even some of the top people associated with the film are all about Ian too (cough E.L. James?!). So no harm, no foul. Not sure if Nina loves it, but no matter. How she feels about Ian's play for Christian Grey doesn't quite matter, as she's clearly not in the picture anymore.

Why do you think Ian tweeted this pic? Think it has anything to do with his play for the film?


Image via Instagram

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