Nina Dobrev Cries When Talking to Ian Somerhalder -- Can You Blame Her?

Ian Somerhalder & Nina DobrevI feel bad for Nina Dobrev. Heck, I even feel bad for Kristen Stewart. These lady vampires are going through these massive breakups in public and that can't be easy for anyone. I can't handle my emotions and I don't have a bazillion people watching and analyzing my every move. After their recent breakup, Nina and ex Ian Somerhalder were seen out in public for the first time Thursday promoting their show Vampire Diaries at a CW event in New York, and according to a source, it was rough.

The source tells Us that Nina and Ian had a heart-to-heart at the end of the event and during it Nina's eyes welled up and she looked very, very upset.

Um, OF COURSE she was! This is hard stuff! Just think: most of us can try to gain some space between past relationships. But Nina, she has to see this guy all the time for work and they were in a three-year relationship. That's not easy!


My heart hurts just thinking about the conversation the two of them coulda been having. You know, that first conversation you have with someone that means a lot to you when you know that the two of you are no longer together.

It's a pinnacle moment. At that moment, you can vibe out if the two of you are meant to be just friends. At that moment, you can rise above the past issues you had and just try to be there for that other person without the romantic entanglement. At that moment, I'm usually in hysterics.

It's important though. After some time has passed and the breakup is finalized, it's important to either get closure or know where you stand. For Nina, I can only imagine how hard this kind of talk was to have with cameras looming. Here's hoping the next time, the two of them can talk in a more private setting.

Have you ever had that first post-breakup talk? Was it difficult for you?


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