Robert Pattinson Apparently Wants a Girl Who's Nothing Like Kristen Stewart

Robert PattinsonNow that his relationship with Kristen Stewart is officially over, he's more than free to mingle with single ladies and do whatever the hell he pleases. But surprisingly enough, apparently Robert Pattinson hasn't slept with anyone since the breakup.

I know -- I was just as shocked as you are after I heard the news.

But it's not because women aren't interested or because Rob can't find a girl or anything like that. Nope. Believe it or not, he's supposedly the type of dude who likes to have "an emotional connection" before doing the dirty.



For real? He's only, like, the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood, so you'd think he'd be trying to get with every chick in sight now that he's a free man. Isn't it kind of sweet and really, really endearing that he likes to be fully invested in things before getting busy? (Maybe he's been hanging out with Bachelor Sean Lowe recently or something.)

There are plenty of girls who wouldn't need any sort of emotional anything to hop into the sack with Rob, so it speaks volumes about his true character that he isn't sowing his wild oats right now, so to speak.

But even though he's not exactly sexually active these days, it doesn't mean he isn't on the lookout for Miss Right.

And if you happen to be a blonde, you're in luck, because apparently Rob is into blondes as far as having a type goes.

Hmm. Blondes, huh? Interesting. KStew may be a lot of things, but a blonde definitely isn't one of them. And since that relationship didn't quite end in the smoothest possible way, it only seems fitting for him to go after a different type of girl entirely.

Wouldn't it be cool if he winds up dating someone who is 100 percent opposite of Kristen? You know, a girl who is not only blonde, but also talks, smiles, throws on a skirt or dress for something other than a movie premiere, and acts like she genuinely enjoys life.

Rob certainly deserves someone like that, don't you think?

Are you surprised that Rob hasn't hooked up with anyone since his split from Kristen?


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