Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Broke Up ... They Just Haven’t Told Us Yet!

miley cyrusIt's official! Unofficially! Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have broken up. Except we haven't gotten confirmation from their reps yet, so it could just be a rumor. But you know what? Everyone else is jumping on the breakup bandwagon, so I'm going with it. And anyway, we've seen it coming. Haven't those two been in the almost-broken-up zone for ages? It's about time, I say.

A source tells Us Weekly, "They are definitely over." But what about when they were spotted all kissy-kissy at a party just a few days ago? Another source says, "They were definitely back on. They break up, get back together, repeat ... they will eventually burn out." And yet another source claims Miley and Liam don't sleep in the same room together anymore. "The two know it's over ... but aren't ready to announce it," a source tells Life & Style. But wait until you hear the weirdest detail.


Last night Miley tweeted a selfie in her wedding dress. WTF? Why? Is she trying to dispute the rumors? Or is she flaunting to Liam what he's going to miss out on? Or is she mocking her own wedding plans? Is it a wedding UNvitation? Or WHAT? What does it all meeeeeeeeean?

Whatever it means, it's 100 percent pure Miley Cyrus. That is for sure. It's not like she makes any sense, ever, anyway.

Well we already know that the Hemsworth brothers staged an intervention. So I guess it's just a matter of time before we get the formal announcement. Liam and Miley need time to craft their statements (or anyway, the publicists need time). And obviously Miley would like to send out a few more cryptic messages that will keep us guessing. Because once it's officially official, all the fun is over for her. She'll have to find someone new to keep us guessing about.

Are you surprised to hear Miley and Liam have finally broken up?


Image via MileyCyrus/Twitter

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