Kristen Stewart's Girlfriends Are Helping Her Through Robert Pattinson Breakup

kristen stewartBreakups can be brutal, especially when your heart has been stomped on in front of millions of fans. The most recent example, of course, is Kristen Stewart. As if she weren't moody and sullen enough already, being dumped by Robert Pattinson surely put her over the edge. But in the wake of the devastating split, the Twilight star has found a reason to smile. Why? It has nothing to do with getting back together with Rob or a hot rebound romance. Kristen has found comfort from her girlfriends. She has been hanging with them nearly every day since her epic romance ended. Much like the rest of us, they are the thing that most helps a woman through a heartache. Here are the 6 ways your BFFs can help you get over a nasty breakup.

  1. They listen. The first few days are always the hardest. You need to vent and your girlfriends know it. They will let you unleash (meaning cry, yell, and throw things) without judgment.
  2. Give you an ego boost. You only need to hear one thing: "It's not you, it's him." They know to put the blame squarely on his shoulders and remind you of how terrific you are.
  3. Get you out of the house. Sitting at home will just make you more miserable. Your BFFs will take you out on the town for a little fun and get your mind off him for awhile.
  4. They pitch the perfect rebound guys. You may not be ready to date, but it's nice to hear your girls throw out all the options for when you are. They will likely have a short list of some really great guys for you to move on with. 
  5. Girls' getaway. Sometimes a change of scenery is necessary to get you out of your post-split funk. Say the word and your girlfriends will whisk you away for a fun-filled vacay.
  6. CIA-level analysis of the downfall. If it's what you need, they will help you dissect what went wrong and when. No matter the details, the conclusion is always the same -- he's an asshole and you are lucky to be rid of him.

In what ways have your girlfriends helped you through a breakup?


Image via Richard Budman

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