Kristen Stewart Shocks Us All by Smiling After Split From Robert Pattinson

kristen stewart smilingWell world, if you were expecting Kristen Stewart to slump into a total depression following her breakup with Robert Pattinson, you are sadly mistaken. Will you please look at this girl smile? Yes, I am talking about Kristen Sourface Grumpypants Stewart. KStew has been seen smiling and skipping all over town in a state of post-Robcalyptic bliss. Getting dumped has given her a certain glow. It's unlocked the gates to happiness. I don't know -- SOMETHING is up, because I don't think I've ever seen Kristen with this much spring in her step.


Check out these photos of Kristen literally skipping down the street. It's like she's telling us all: NO, bitches, I am NOT all depressed over Rob. Don't you dare pity me! I reject your pity. You know what you can do with your pity? Tra la fucking la, you can shove it up your stupid, misinformed butts. Because I am one happy girl. You hear me? H-A-P-P-Y. Watch me skip some more. Oh I love skipping. Hahahahahaha!

Okay, maybe the skipping looks a little manic. Maybe the smiling looks a wee bit forced. This could all just be a front to hide how hurt Kristen really feels. But even if she's feeling the breakup blues, I bet some of that smiling is coming from a place of relief. All the drama is finally over! She's gotten closure. Maybe things didn't end the way she wanted them to, but at least now she can stop trying to make the impossible work and just move on with her life.

Rob has been looking happier too these days. Of course he is. He and Kristen aren't making each other miserable anymore. Plus, he's gotten away with breaking his fake relationship with Kristen contract early. (Dangit, I keep forgetting not to bring that up.) I mean -- these two are both so young. They must both know they have their whole lives ahead of them, and there are so many new people for them to meet. There's plenty of reason for both of them to smile.

Do you think Kristen's truly happy, or is she just fronting to save face?


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