Ryan Lochte Dumped Over the Phone but Don't Judge His Girlfriend Just Yet

Ryan LochteHe may be an Olympic-caliber hottie, but Ryan Lochte's looks and sporting talent can't keep him from getting dumped like anyone else. In fact, the hunk was dumped over the phone by girlfriend Jaimee Holler while filming an episode of the show What Would Ryan Lochte Do? (Answer: get dumped over the phone, apparently.)

Lochte turned off his microphone and took the phone call privately. The two had been in a four-year long-distance relationship that was largely conducted over the phone, so while a phone dumping might seem impersonal and shocking to some, it actually makes a lot of sense given how their relationship was conducted.

In fact, the whole concept that dumpings must be done in person seems sort of outdated and silly. See the episode clip below:


It's wrong, obviously. And we feel bad for him. But even Lochte himself knew where it was going when he got the call and he didn't seem shocked that it was over the phone.

Sometimes it IS OK to end things via text or phone or some other way. It's all personal, just like relationships. Personally, I have ended two major relationships and my husband has ended two as well. In all but one of the cases (one of mine), they were done over the phone, and though they were ugly, they weren't NEARLY as ugly as the one I ended in person.

That was by far my most difficult, painful breakup, replete with screaming, getting locked out of the house, and a close brush with physical violence. I wish we could have kept it to a civilized phone conversation.

The reality is, there is no simple breakup and doing it on the phone doesn't make it any "easier." It just makes it less likely to erupt into something truly ugly or even dangerous.

It's not that Lochte is a violent guy, but the reality is, for some people, phone calls are more intimate than being in person. It isn't really for us to judge it. Maybe they will meet again in person sometime to officially say goodbye or exchange things that they can't do over the phone. Or not. But just because it ended over the phone, it doesn't make it any less personal or sad.

I say if the phone works for you, then use it. There are no "rules" when it comes to breakups.

Do you think it's rude to break up over the phone?


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