Kourtney Kardashian's Beautiful Blue Eyeliner Stole the Show at Scott's Birthday Party (PHOTO)

kourtney kardashianKourtney Kardashian recently got rave reviews for the stunning navy blue ensemble she wore to baby daddy Scott Disick's birthday party. (The one where he serenaded her with a rap.) But upon further inspection of Kourt's look, you'll notice something: Her gorgeous blue eyeliner. Blue eyeliner that, actually, matches her outfit. Who would've thought to do such a thing? Oh, those Kardashians. Always the makeup trailblazers.

Let's get the look ourselves, shall we?


Now, first off, before you run out to the nearest CVS to pick yourself up a colored eyeliner pencil that matches your outfit, bear in mind that not all clothing ought to be matched to our makeup. IE, if you're wearing a white shirt, no. Don't do white eyeliner to boot. Same goes for pink. In fact, it's best to pick a fun eyeliner color and then match your shirt to it, as opposed to the other way around. Think blues, teals, greens, purples.

Next, prepare yourself for a face full of makeup. If you're going to break out the colored eyeliner, you need to wear makeup elsewhere. Blue or green eyeliner is an unusual and striking look to rock. It would look weird to not be done up on the rest of your face. I'd suggest a creamy bronzer to give you a Kardashian-esque glow (and after all, colored liners are pretty summery); a shimmery eyeshadow to blend and smudge with your liner; and obvs, boatloads of mascara. Boom. You're Kardashian incarnate.

Also, it's worth noting that there's no need to hit up the Chanel counter for a blue or green eye pencil. You're likely not going to use it every day, so spending $40 or whatever is kind of silly. A few years ago I bought a bright blue pencil from Rimmel, and honest to god, it's fantastic. I still use it, and not only is it the perfect color, it smudges amazingly.

Okay, now off you go. To the drug store, friends!

Do you ever wear colored eyeliner?


Image via Splash

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