Daring Fan Slaps Beyonce's Bottom & You've GOTTA See Her Reaction (VIDEO)

BeyonceI'll be honest: there aren't a lot of top hip hop and pop artists that I'd want to throw out boatloads of cash to see. With that said, though, Beyonce is definitely on my short list next to Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. Heck, do you remember Beyonce's 2013 Super Bowl halftime show? The woman knows how to ent-er-TAIN. The "not actually pregnant" superstar was giving a performance in Denmark last night when a fan from the audience actually reached up onto the stage and slapped her booty. Yes, really. A fan smacked Beyonce's ass.

Her reaction? A swift and quick "I'm gonna have you escorted outta here," and then BAM -- back to the show.

Whoaaaaaaa. First of all, that takes a LOT of guts to reach out and disrespect Mrs. Carter. And secondly? Well to be real -- I'm surprised we don't hear about this kind of crazy behavior more often.


First things first, let's watch the video:

Eeeeek. But really, think about how many big stars give concerts in close quarters like this. One would think that we'd hear about these kind of outlandish gestures more often, right? Heck -- some of those Beliebers are so crazy I'm surprised they're not stripping in the front row and trying to hop up on stage next to Mr. Bieber himself!

Lucky for Beyonce, the woman knows how to handle herself. She knows better than to let a schmuck like that faze her. Sucks for this disrespectful fan, though. Just think about how much money he paid to get that close and thrown out!

Do you think this fan was out of line? What's the craziest thing you've ever heard of happening at a big concert?


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