Makeup-Free Kim Kardashian Finally Gives Her Poor Pregnancy Feet a Break

Kim KardashianOMG. It certainly took long enough, but Kim Kardashian has ditched her heels in favor of a pair of simple black flip-flops, which is enough to make anyone who has seen the horrifying photos of her feet crammed into and spilling out of heels breathe a huge sigh of relief.

And based on how swollen her poor tootsies still are even though she's wearing comfortable footwear, it's pretty obvious that poor Kim really had no choice but to make the switch to flats -- something we can only hope she continues for the remainder of her pregnancy.

And aside from giving her feet a much-needed breather, it looks like Kim is also giving her skin a break from spray tans and heavy makeup.


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She actually looks pretty good without anything on her face besides a pregnancy glow, don't you think? Sure, she looks a little tired, but based on how haggard most of us look and feel when we're in our last trimester, that's to be expected.

I, for one, kind of gave up on trying to look put together and polished somewhere around my eighth month. Nothing really fit all that well anymore. And I was simply way too exhausted to blow-out my hair every day, take the extra 10 minutes to put on full makeup, and my feet? Well, I couldn't wear flip-flops since I was pregnant in winter, so during those last few weeks, I resorted to wearing bedroom slippers on more than one occasion. (Have you ever tried to lace up sneakers when you're dealing with major cankles? Not an easy feat.)

And you know what they say, "No shoes, no shirt, no service" -- so it's not like I could walk into the grocery store in my socks or anything like that. Alas, slippers it was. And guess what? I didn't even care when I got strange looks from people around me. If they'd have been able to see my poor feet, they would've understood completely.

Kim really doesn't have too much longer to go, so she should just hang in there and put comfort before fashion from here on out. After her baby arrives, she'll be back in her favorite stilettos in no time, so she might as well enjoy being able to get away with wearing flats while she can.

When during your pregnancy did you finally surrender your heels?


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