Justin Bieber Chased Down After Speeding by the Biggest, Baddest Dad in His Hood

Keyshawn JohnsonThis might be the most bizarre, random, yet awesome clash of celebrities you'll hear about all day. Fans of the NFL know who Keyshawn Johnson is (11-season veteran, commentator on ESPN). Fans of ... well, everyone on the planet knows who Justin Bieber is. So, when you hear something like "Keyshawn Johnson chases down and calls cops on Justin Bieber," the general reaction most likely goes along the lines of ... What. The. Eh?!

Keyshawn saw Bieber speeding like a bat out of hell and passed his car when he was driving through the gated neighborhood of Calabasas with one of his kids. Apparently Keyshawn got so livid that he brought his child home and then took it upon himself to chase Bieber down in his Prius ... while Bieber was driving at "breakneck speeds" in his Ferrari.

Hell hath no fury like a dad pissed off at a young punk causing a dangerous ruckus in the neighborhood. And the whole thing gets even more bizarre.


After Keyshawn caught up with Bieber and and tried to have a little chat with the singer about slowing down, Justin ran away like a pansy, according to eyewitnesses that spoke to TMZ. Keyshawn was able to confront the pop star by blocking Justin's Ferrari at the Bieber Pad, but instead of allowing us to have some YouTube gold this morning showing footage from their heated discussion, Justin ran inside his house and never reemerged. Sad face.

As TMZ says, Keyshawn is 6'4", 212 pounds, while Justin is about 5'7" and barely 110. Can't really blame The Biebs for fleeing. Still, serves Justin right: It's never safe to speed in neighborhoods, especially when kids are around -- and at least two other people called the police on Justin during that same evening. Ah, to be 19, driving around in an expensive Ferrari, and feeling completely invincible and immune to the outside world ... some reports also say that Justin appeared to be "stoned." Oy.

But then we get this awesome tweet from Eric Dickerson, an NFL Hall of Famer: "I live in Calabasas too and @justinbieber needs to slow his ass down."

Seems like everyone's against Justin nowadays (monkeys, people who respect Anne Frank), but how crazy is this story? And you can't help but wonder if Keyshawn would have reacted the way he did if his child weren't with him. I'll bet, as a dad, Keyshawn pictured Justin barrelling through the neighborhood while his kids were playing outside and knew something had to be done. I really just wish someone had caught all of this on tape!

Who knows, maybe a lecture from a 6'4" former NFL player is exactly what Bieber needs to stop being so damn annoying.

Do you think Keyshawn was right to chase Justin Bieber down to talk about his speeding? What would you have done?


Image via panthers299/Wikimedia

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