Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Pull Out All the PDA Stops at His 30th Birthday Party

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott DisickGeez. Forget enjoying a quiet dinner and cake while celebrating with family and friends -- Scott Disick's 30th birthday party was anything but subdued and low-key.

Lord Disick celebrated the three decades he's spent gracing us with his presence on Earth at Hyde Nightclub at the Bellagio in Las Vegas -- and it sounds like it was one hell of a bash, to say the least.

Heck, even Kris Jenner was spotted on the dance floor cutting a major rug with a glass of bubbly in hand, you know, because who doesn't want to whoop it up with your almost-mother-in-law on your big day.

But then Scott had to go and serenade Kourtney Kardashian at one point during the festivities, leading us all to wonder what exactly his drink of choice was on that particular evening.


Yes, I said he serenaded her. Or at least that's what one source is reporting. And Scott and Kourt's little love-fest didn't end with him getting all mushy with the microphone. According to Wetpaint, an eyewitness says, "She was sitting on his lap at one point during the evening and the two genuinely appeared to be in love and appreciative of one another."

Huh? Come again?

"In love and appreciative of one another"? Since when?

Maybe we just don't have the pleasure of seeing them be romantic on TV, but these two have never really struck me as being head-over-heels in love

But maybe now that Scott has hit the big 3-0, he's suddenly realized just how good he has it and is determined to dote on Kourtney a little more. Or maybe the two of them had guzzled down a few drinks when this photo was taken, making them more amorous than usual. I mean, they do appear to actually like each other in this shot, so maybe they are a whole lot stronger than anyone gives them credit for. (Just look at them. Whatever is going on between them in that picture is NOT fake.)

Whatever the reason for their newfound adoration of each other, I guess it's a good thing that Scott and Kourtney are in a happy place right now. (But we probably shouldn't hold our breaths about things being this perfect when his 31st birthday party rolls around.)

Do you think turning 30 has made Scott grow up a little?


Image via Instagram

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