Alexander Skarsgard Fans Come Completely Unhinged Over a Hot Photo

alexander skarsgard Look, if you're gonna get all hot and bothered about somebody, that somebody might as well be Alexander Skarsgard. I mean, you could do worse. In fact, it probably takes more effort to NOT get hot and bothered over Alexander Skarsgard than it does to just let Eric Northman work his magical magic over your silly self.

Just surrender to The Skarsgard.

That's what a bunch of Truebies/Trubies (pick a spelling, I don't care) did today when Wetpaint posted a super-sexy shot of ASkars on the True Blood by Wetpaint Facebook page.


The post was a tease for Wetpaint's True Blood: The Complete Fifth Season Giveaway (True Blood fans, we have a HUGE opportunity for you to win ... ), but nobody seemed able (or willing) to get past that incredibly hot shot of Alexander Skarsgard. Here are the comments to prove it!

1. Ah, yes. My future second husband.

2. If its not Alexander skarsgard naked on a platter I don't care what the prize is

3. awe so scrumptious

4. I love you Eric ...

5. he has a really huge hands.

6. OMG yum!

7. I want to be bitten ...

8. So handsome

9. so so sexy

10. pure beauty

11. Aww man ... Your so um, um , I adore you you beautiful humans. Ah said it

12. Unless it's Alexander Skarsgard no

13. He is a GOD

Ha! I think my personal favorite would have to be #5. You know what they say ... big hands, big ... heart?

Which comment about Alexander Skarsgard's sexy pic is your fave?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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