X-Rated Kardashian Family Spoof Is As Gross As It Sounds

kardashiansEver fantasize about seeing a porn featuring the Kardashian clan – including mom Kris Jenner? I thought not. But it's on the way. Adult film star Kiara Mia -- of such skin flicks as Bra Busters 4 -- has an XXX-rated spoof of the famous reality TV stars in the works. Among the faux Kardashians who will be baring it all are ...


In addition to Kris, the actors will portray sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. Already a few steamy scenes have been laid out, including one in which a Ray J look-alike pops up in a sex scene between two Kim and Kanye West wannabes.  I can't be the only one throwing up in her mouth just a little bit.

God only knows what they have planned for the other characters. Whatever it is, it can't be pretty. No one...NO ONE wants to see some fake Kris Jenner getting it on with the pool boy. And don't get me started on the possibility of a Khloe-Lamar bedroom reenactment. Yuck. There is no way this will be a tasteful, arty piece (if there is even such a thing in the world of porn). This is guaranteed to be completely trashy.

Next step -- the name. I can see it now. The Kardashians Keep It Up. Kim & Kourtney Take Every Man In Miami.Though, honestly, what's the point? Hasn’t everyone already seen Kim’s sex tape with Ray J? After all, it was that home video that launched her into superstardom. She’s probably the only one anyone would ever want to envision getting busy in the first place. But alas, it looks like this Kardashian family parody porn is going to happen.

What do you think the Kardashian porn spoof?


 Image via eonline

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