Kelly Osbourne Gushes About Her Man While Trashing Her Exes for ‘Using Her’

kelly osbourne Cosmo CoverTo hear Kelly Osbourne gush about rumored fiance Matthew Mosshart, one thing is clear: the girl is in love. "He just wants to love me, and I just wanted to be loved by him," she tells the new issue of Cosmopolitan. Though it's what she says about her exes that reveals the most about her current romance.


She went on to say,

Every single other guy I've dated has wanted something from me. They'd call people I know and ask for favors. I'd have to say, "Trust me. Telling someone you are my boyfriend isn't going to get you very far."

When I read this, my first thought was, “Poor Kelly.” I sincerely felt terrible for her. It must be painful to learn that someone you thought loved you never truly cared at all. She may be rich and famous, but no amount of shopping or trips down a red carpet can mend a broken heart.

However, after thinking about her situation a bit, I realized this gripe is not so unusual. If breakups were easy, they would be called something more innocuous. They are hard. They are painful. And most women think of every ex as a complete and utter asshole -- at least for awhile. If they hadn't cheated, lied, used you, or engaged in some other despicable behavior, we'd probably still be with them.

So while I hope Matthew is not just "The One" but "The Good One" for Kelly, if he isn’t, I would bet she will be saying the same things about him shortly after they split. She will undoubtedly feel hurt, betrayed, and angry, much like she has in the past. And that's normal. Very few of us can really blame ourselves for a failed relationship. Our emotional survival instinct forces us to villainize the other person.

Have you ever had a "friendly" breakup where no one trash talks the other?


Image via Cosmopolitan

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