Lisa Vanderpump Gives World's Best Response About Kyle Richards' Husband Cheating

kyle richardsThis is why Lisa Vanderpump is awesome: When recently confronted about the rumors that Kyle Richards' husband Mauricio is cheating, she said: "It's all utter bulls**t and I don't mind you quoting me saying that. Of course, on reality shows you end up talking about everything, but I don't like when they get things so inaccurate." Fantastic.

Not only is Lisa's response great because it's as direct and no-nonsense as is gets, but because, from what we gather, she and Kyle aren't on the best of terms right now -- yet she's still sticking up for her former BFF. That's good peeps right there. Not everyone would do that.


Think about it: If, say, Teresa Giudice was asked if Joe was cheating on Melissa Gorga, even if she knew it was untrue, do you think she'd give a response like that? Or if Vicki Gunvalson was asked if Eddie was cheating on Tamra, and again, she thought it was false, would she say that? I highly doubt it. I'm sure both women would give vague responses that hinted that the rumor was possibly true regardless of what the facts were. In case you didn't notice, Housewives love to cut other Housewives down.

Lisa didn't just give a simple "no, that's not true" answer. She took it a step further and emphatically denied the accusation. Hell, I didn't know what to make of these Mauricio cheating rumors a few weeks ago, but I've gotta be honest, I kind of doubt them to be true now after hearing Lisa's answer. Side note: Do you think Lisa's buddy Brandi Glanville would have given the same response to such a question? Yeah. Me neither.

It's always kind of sad when two Housewives who seemed to be genuinely great friends break up over drama that started on the show (Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel -- that was kind of sad, guys). But after hearing Lisa stick up for her (former) friend, it seems like she and Kyle may still have a fighting chance. I hope so. Although Lisa and Brandi are a highly entertaining duo, Lisa and Kyle seemed to be the real deal. It'd be a shame if they broke up for good.

What do you think of this?


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