Miley Cyrus' Sexy New Pic Shows Her Best Look Yet (PHOTO)

miley cyrusAnother day, another sexy selfie posted by Miley Cyrus. Liam Hemsworth's on-again/off-again ring-wearing fiance recently uploaded a super sultry photo of herself to her Twitter account. In it, the lighting is gorgeous, the cleavage is highly visible, and, actually -- Miley looks incredibly pretty. Although some are dubbing Miley's photo "VERY revealing", I think it looks chic.


First off, let's get real here. Compared to some of the risque things Miley has worn, this dress is akin to a nun's habit. But moreover, I think one of the classiest (most comfortable) summer looks is a simple black tank maxi dress -- and it couldn't be easier to wear. (Or find. Seriously, go to Target or Forever 21 -- black maxis abound!) Sure, Miley is dappled in beautiful, Instagram-y rays of sunlight in this photo, and she's looking forlornly at ... something, but she looks so sophisticated here -- and a big part of that is because of what she's wearing.

If you have eyes, you know that Miley has a killer body. She's tall, thin, and has legs that don't ever seem to end. And she likes to show her goods off with midriff-baring tops and shorts that could easily pass for a pair of denim undies. And that's cool. If she wants to flaunt all her hard work off via skimpy clothes, who are we to judge? But I will say, every once in a while, Miley should opt for something like this -- something simple; something that covers her up a little more. She looks fantastic here. A black tank maxi dress is a good look for her. Yeah, it hides those endless getaway sticks of hers. But hey, once in a while, nothing's wrong with that, Miley.

What do you think of Miley's look?

Image via Miley Cyrus/Twitter

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