Rob Kardashian's Weight Loss Gets Put to the Test

Rob Kardashian weight lossYou have to feel a little bit bad for Rob Kardashian these days. The baby brother of the gorgeous Kardashian sisters has been working on a very public weight loss campaign since his break-up with Rita Ora, and when the holiday weekend rolled around, he found himself in Vegas of all places. Not the best place -- or time -- for anyone on a diet.

But Rob showed off not only his slimmer physique this weekend but a new attitude about indulging that's worth following if you're trying to lose weight Kardashian-style.


He estimates he still has some 40 to 50 pounds to lose to get to his goal weight. So although he's in Sin City on a holiday weekend, Rob confessed he's skipping the drinks and sticking to healthy eats so he can stay on track.

As a fellow dieter, I raise my carrot stick in his direction. Bravo, Rob!

The holiday weekend, the vacation in a wild place, these are the stumbling blocks of dieters everywhere. It's just one weekend, you tell yourself, or well, I'm only going to be in Vegas for a few days. So you throw caution to the wind and indulge. Only there's one thing that DOESN'T stay in Vegas: the pounds you pack on over a diet-flaunting weekend.

And at the end of it all, you find yourself wondering, what was the point?

So you ate, drank, and got merry, but now you have to work twice as hard as you were before the weekend of debauchery to get that weight back off ... weight you had already lost. As much as losing weight sucks, losing weight all over again REALLY sucks.

As you can see by pictures of Rob's slimmer body from the unveiling of his Arthur George by Rob Kardashian sock line at Neiman Marcus in Vegas on Saturday, Rob has been working hard at his diet and fitness routine, and it's paying off. Why would he ruin all that hard work now, when he's come so far, and when he actually sees an end in sight?

He says he has about six months to go, which might sound like forever when you're the dieter, but is nothing in the scheme of things. No point in throwing that away for a few over-priced cocktails.

Want to cut out vacation weight gain?

You can skip alcohol, like Rob is, to prevent racking up the calories. Packing some of your own healthier treats is another good idea -- it prevents you from having to resort to hitting the hotel mini-bar (and all the candy inside). While you're on vacation, it's also advisable to continue your workouts; not only does it help you keep off the extra pounds that come from eating mostly restaurant food, but it will make it easier to transition back to working out once you get home.

Do you do what Rob does when you're out, or do you cheat?


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