Chris Brown Could Be Headed to Jail -- Finally

Chris BrownRihanna might not be able to stay away from Chris Brown, but she could be facing her dangerous on-and-off love through a thick wall of Plexiglas soon. Just days after Amanda Bynes had the audacity to blame Brown's domestic violence incident on Rihanna's looks, Brown is in trouble again. If a judge decides he's violated the terms of probation, the singer could be headed for jail!

And now for the really good news: this tangle with the law has nothing to do with Rihanna. He's not charged with hitting her again. Phewwww.


Instead, the LAPD is said to be looking for Brown after he allegedly rear-ended another driver, gave some fake insurance information and refused to give his driver's license number, and took off. What is it with celebrities? Either they're so obsessed with their own fame that they pull the "don't you know what I am" card or they suddenly want to pretend they're not famous and run away. Brown does realize people KNOW who he is, right? He doesn't really think he -- of all people -- can get away with a hit-and-run, does he?

According to TMZ, the alleged hit-and-run could be considered a parole violation for Brown, who is supposed to keep his nose clean after his infamous domestic violence conviction. If a judge decides this bad boy behavior is a problem, it could mean four years in prison for Chris Brown.

Considering he's somehow avoided doing hard time for hitting Rihanna and his various tangles with the law since, the chances are slim.

Still, it would be good news for Rihanna fans who just want to see her move on, right?

The sad thing about their on-again-off-again-on-again relationship is that Rihanna is following typical victim behavior. The cycle of abuse is one we on the outside can't contemplate, but one that's an emotional nightmare for a victim.

For Rihanna, seeing Chris go to prison could be a nightmare because of that, but it could also be her big chance to break free, to develop a stronger sense of self without him. The longer he's away, the more chance she has to move on.

Of course that's all up to a judge. Is leaving the scene of an accident enough to violate Chris Brown's probation? Could he be headed to jail? Finally.

The only thing that's really clear is that two lives hang in the balance here.

Do you think it's time Chris Brown go to jail?


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