Kristen Stewart Flips the Bird -- Could She Be Sending Rob a Message?

Kristen StewartHow do you know if Kristen Stewart is in a bad mood? She's breathing. Haha! I just made that up. Anyway, we've all come to know Kristen and her moods pretty well. There's Grumpy Kristen. Scowling Kristen. Irritated Kristen. Pouty Kristen. All kind of falling along the same spectrum. But recently she burst out into full-on Angry Kristen. Well, wouldn't you if your boyfriend just left you? Pictures of Kristen raising her two middle fingers in the air have surfaced. Sure, she was giving the bird(s) to the paparrazzi. But I also think she was giving it to life. Or, you know, just Rob.


Kristen was spotted walking with a friend through a Hollywood car park when she must have caught sight of a photographer snapping away (seriously, they will go anywhere!) because she began dancing around, jabbing both middle fingers in the air.

Her scuffy attire -- loose T-shirt, skinny jeans, Converse sneaks -- just added to the overall I don't give a shit ambiance.

It was only a few days ago that Robert Pattinson was seen driving away from the house they'd shared together, so I guess it's no wonder KStew is stewing in her own foul mood.

However, this is nothing new for our grampy gal. Rumors say that RPattz even broke up with her because of her inability to let the sunshine into her soul -- though that's kind of hard to believe. He must know he wasn't dating Anne Hathaway.

Still, Kristen's mood must be even darker than usual what with her relationship on a break again. (Even those supposed texts from Rupert couldn't cheer a gal up.) Would YOU want your picture taken right after a break-up? I wouldn't. But then again I didn't spend a decade of my life trying to become famous. Movie stars don't happen by accident. Kristen surely knew what could happen if she kept starring in Twilight movies.

Anyway, if Kristen is trying to show Rob she's got a handle on her sour moods -- she's going about it the wrong way.

Do you think Kristen Stewart needs to lighten up?


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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