Brandi Glanville Stops Harassing LeAnn Rimes After Courtney Love Steps In -- Wouldn't You?

When you're in a tweet fight, it's good to have someone have your back. We all get into those tweet battles, right? No? You don't tweet out anger about your ex to your ex and to your ex's wife and all your followers? I thought everyone did that! Okay, maybe it's only Brandi Glanville who does that.

Brandi started yet another Twitter flame war with her ex, Eddie Cibrian, and his present wife, LeAnn Rimes, after she claims the pair wouldn't answer her phone calls and she got worried about her sons. Brandi has said in the past that Eddie and LeAnn ignore her calls and only respond by Twitter -- but did it ever occur to Brandi that they're just sick of her? And what do you think has happened to your kids?! Anyway ... it looks like someone else was tired of Brandi's drama and decided to step into the ring. And it's someone who knows drama even better than these three. It was none other than Courtney Love!


Courtney, who fights with her own daughter Frances Bean by Twitter, is skilled in the art of Twitter drama. So when Courtney saw that her pal LeAnn was getting pummeled by Brandi, she tweeted out:

Send the troublemakers to me. I eat that s*** for breakfast. Leanns my girl, u f*** with her you f'*** with me!

Yikes, I think Courtney has the edge here. Not only is she probably crazier than either LeAnn or Brandi, but she's definitely more physically imposing. I wouldn't mess with her, would you? She seems like a dirty fighter. She'd grab your hair 'n' shit.

Brandi must have thought the same thing, because she calmed down after Courtney stepped into the fray, writing:

Co-parenting is hard I opened up a can of worms last night after reading some dishonest tweets about my kids. Lets move on today thank u.

Hey, maybe Courtney could step into all kinds of warfare all over the world. Like Courtney could tweet at the president of Syria. She could solve all kinds of strife with a single tweet. Courtney Love, Nobel Peace prize winner!

Do you think Courtney should have gotten involved? Do you think grown women should be tweet-fighting?

Image via Stephen Eckert/Flickr

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