Chelsea Houska’s Solid Net Worth Is Perfect -- Even if It Is Way Less Than Farrah’s

chelsea houskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska seems to have her head on pretty straight. The single mother of Aubrey may have some baby daddy drama, but when it comes to finances and her future, Chels doesn't mess around. According to OK! Magazine, the reality star has saved up some money over the years, and it might be enough to realize her dream of opening a salon one day. We recently learned that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has a net worth of $1.75 million (thanks, porn industry!), so just how much is Chelsea worth?


She reportedly makes $75,000 a season for Teen Mom 2, plus bonuses from the network; she has some income from her job at a tanning salon and her role hosting Scentsy parties; she gets child support from her ex Adam Lind; and her dad helps foot some bills, too.

Add that all up then subtract her Black Hills Beauty College tuition and her rent, and OK!'s come to the conclusion that she has a net worth of about $40,000.

While I'm confused as to how someone who made around $320,000 on four seasons of Teen Mom 2 only has $40K in the bank, it's still not too shabby for a woman in her early 20s with a toddler.

And the expenses she has are totally worth it. Education, housing, and raising a child are worth every penny -- it's not like Chelsea's blowing her dough on plastic surgery, or on mansions she can't afford, or on hard-core illegal drugs.

Chelsea may or may not be envious of Farrah's enormous bank account, but I'm sure Chelsea's self-respect is worth way more than $1 million.

Plus, 40,000 bones in the bank ain't nothing to sneeze at. And the best part is, if she keeps saving and invests correctly, that 40 can soon turn into 80, 160, 320 ...

What do you think of Chelsea's net worth?


Photo via chelseahouska/Instagram

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