Amanda Bynes Kicked Off Flight for Telling Pilot to 'Look Her Up on Google'

amanda bynesAmanda Bynes is so crazy. How crazy is she? Amanda Bynes is so crazy, she reportedly ordered a pilot to "look her up on Google" when he refused to let her fly because she didn't have an official form of identification. AHAHAHAHA! Oh, snap!

I know, I know, the slow rapid decline of a former child star's sanity is nothing to joke about. Except here's the thing: Most of the stunts she's pulled so far, from the topless Twitter photo to the crazy creepy dancing video to the head-shaving to the cheek-piercing, have been truly worrisome. But telling a pilot to Google her because she doesn't have any ID (because her license was suspended because multiple car crashes)? I'm sorry, that sh*t is funny.


This beats Reese Witherspoon's "Do you know who I am?" by a mile. And, not for nothing -- I get that Googling someone to prove their identity is against the rules, but aren't millions of online pics more telling than one blurry little driver's license photo? Jussayin.'

Consider, too, the different modes of transportation available to Bynes. Which poses the greatest risk to the population at large? I'd rather have that girl on a plane than behind the wheel of a car, wouldn't you?! If flying the friendly skies means Bynes will stay off the road, let her on the freaking plane!!!

Apparently the pilot had a similar epiphany, because he did in fact call the jet company to see if an exception could be made for Bynes. (They didn't go for it.) Oh well, points for trying.

Do you think the pilot should have let Amanda Bynes on the plane?


Image via condoungtula/Flickr

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