Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep in Live Interview & It's Super Awkward (VIDEO)

Morgan FreemanGuys, I'm a little concerned about Morgan Freeman. I think he's maybe working too hard these days, which wouldn't be a big surprise considering the fact that he's got something like six films releasing in 2013 and two that are currently filming. Or maybe he's feeling his age -- at 75, it can't be easy to be doing a bunch of press tours. Whatever's going on, he clearly needs a little downtime to catch up on his sleep, because on Wednesday morning, he conked out during an interview for his new film Now You See Me.

A LIVE interview. Not that Freeman was looking very lively. In fact, while his costar Michael Caine shouldered the burden of animatedly discussing the movie, Freeman slumped into an all-out snoozefest while cameras were rolling.


It happened during a satellite interview with a Seattle morning show, Q13 Fox News This Morning. Freeman looked a little tired from the get-go, but when Michael Caine started giving a detailed answer to a question asked by anchor Bill Wixey, Freeman legitimately nodded off. From there on out, he barely could keep his eyes open -- and at one point, he's seen totally slouched over. Check it out:

Jeez, the poor guy. I mean, okay, it's a little funny -- how awkward is it that no one acknowledges the fact that one of the interview participants is TOTALLY ASLEEP? -- but given Freeman's age and the fact that he's not exactly known for being a raging party animal, it's more worrisome than it is amusing.

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time a snoring image of Morgan Freeman has made the news. Just last month Freeman took part in a Reddit “ask me anything” (AMA) thread, which resulted in Redditors voicing their suspicions that the AMA was actually being run by the PR team for Freeman's movie, Oblivion. To verify Freeman was actually there, the OblivionMovie account made the strange decision to post a photo of Freeman sleeping on a couch with a sign that read, “Hi Reddit / This is Morgan Freeman":

That photo then took on controversy of its own when a Redditor posted a YouTube video debunking it as fake.

Weird, right? But anyway, that was obviously the REAL Morgan Freeman catching a not-so-clandestine 40 winks during yesterday's interview, and the ironic thing is that it wasn't even his own calm, deep, soothing voice that knocked him out! It's true that Michael Caine's equally distinctive nasal Cockney has a comforting appeal all its own, though.

What do you think about this clip? Does it make you worry about Morgan Freeman, or do you think he was just extra tired this week?

Images via Q13Fox, Know Your Meme

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