Pregnant Kim Kardashian Wonders ‘How the (Bleep) Did I Get Like This?’ (VIDEO)

kim kardashian pregnantHave you seen the new promo for season 8 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians? It has the best beginning: Kim Kardashian gesturing to her body and asking, "How the f*** did I get like this?!?" Wait, before I keep writing, I've gotta watch that promo again. Can someone please make me a gif of that one line?

Okay, now I really want to see that episode, just to hear Kim commenting on her growing baby bump ... gee, that phrase just doesn't seem adequate in this context. Her burgeoning pregnancy curves, how's that?


Now just for the sake of argument, I'm assuming Kim is not asking how she got pregnant in the first place. I'm sure Kris did a great job of explaining the birds and bees to Kim, and there is no question in her mind how she landed herself in the family way.

Obviously she's talking about what's happened to her body, and it's something millions (billions?) of women have asked themselves as well. HOW THE F*** DID THIS HAPPEN? It's not like women set about gaining as much weight as possible on purpose. Sometimes it's just what happens, you know? For a whole lot of reasons.

Kim says she's not even craving junk food, so she's probably baffled that she's gained plenty of weight anyway. Well, there's a lot of sugar in frozen yogurt, just saying. It all adds up. And some women's bodies are just thrifty with calories like that. You eat to keep from feeling sick or faint, and well, those calories turn into extra curves. It's not fair, but there you go.

Also she's short. I keep saying this. She's a tiny woman, which means there's not a whole lot of room for that baby. Anyway, hopefully someday Kim will look at how she's lost the baby weight and ask again, "How the f*** did I get like this!"

Can you relate to Kim's question?


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