Jennifer Aniston Strips Down to Her Skivvies in a Role That’s All Wrong for Her (VIDEO)

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is starring this summer in a movie called We're the Millers in which she plays a stripper hired to play a suburban mom in order to smuggle pot form Mexico. In the trailer, she strips down to her skivvies, and dang, does she look good. And yet, even so, I am not quite buying her as the stripper type.

I mean, can we all just agree, Jen is way more classic preppy, rich girl than used up stripper. I am all for thinking outside the box for roles, but this just seems WAY outside it. I mean, classically pretty Jen Aniston as a stripper? I don't think so.

See below:


She is lacking tattoos, for one. She is also much smaller breasted than the average woman who takes it all off for cash. Even more, she just doesn't have that "dirty, I've seen it all" thing that is so popular among strippers.

Aniston is always cute and endearing and funny, but this is just not a great fit for her.

Casting choices really can make or break a movie. Personally, I would have enjoyed Great Gatsby 1,000 times more had Leo not been in the starring role. He just didn't fit and, unfortunately, it was a distraction.

Had someone more debonair been in the role, it would have been a perfect movie.

It's not like Hollywood actresses can't play rough roles. Charlize Theron was DEAD ON as a serial killer in Monster and even Demi Moore once played a stripper in Striptease pretty well. But Aniston? No. I'd buy her more as the suburban mom she is being HIRED to play any day.

It's not that I won't see the movie. Hell, I probably will. But I am pretty sure there could have been better casting. Or even better makeup. She looks like Rachel from Friends, all girly and prissy, trying to be rough. It's not a good look for her.

Do you think Aniston is a good stripper?


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